Featured Services

Outsourced Sales and BD Services 

PSG Life Sciences provides an accelerated solution for companies looking for experienced sales and business development resources. We have the experience, industry knowledge and proven methodologies to help drive results.  We work seamlessly with our clients to deliver best practices in prospecting, meeting management, presentations and negotiations.

Partnering with our clients we build clearly defined goals, processes, meeting protocols etc. to ensure that our “selling process” delivers a competitive advantage.  We help clients to,

Sell into new and existing customer segments

Enter new geographical markets

Establish and optimize Channel Partners and Distributors

Create technical and business collaboration partnerships with Industry, Academia and/or Government

Access Pharma, Biotech, Academic and Government decision makers and end users

Out-Licensing  Business Development Services 

PSG Life Sciences works with clients to accelerate and optimize their partnering, licensing and business development efforts. Whether your strategy is to in or out-license assets and/or to leverage your platform to co-develop new IP we offer a flexible and customized approach to meet your strategic and financial requirements. PSG can either supplement or take full responsibility for all business development and out-licensing efforts. PSG’s proven process consists of the following steps:

Assess current efforts and provide Gap Analysis

Facilitate and finalize out-license and/or partnering strategy

Create a detailed project plan with specific objectives and milestones

Perform a comprehensive search and prioritization of prospective partners. Candidates ranked based on their strategic and technical fit

Develop an approach strategy for each prospective partner, based on our relationships and knowledge of the company

Lead the execution efforts

Schedule and co-facilitate introduction and follow up meetings, sharing of data, execution of a CDA, etc.

Coordinate final negotiations and deal completion

Sales & Marketing  Alignment Services

PSG Life Sciences Team Alignment process enables Sales, Marketing and Business Development teams, to rapidly accelerate performance, consistently meet and achieve strategic and revenue goals, and work more efficiently and effectively.

Unlike traditional training programs, the alignment process deals with real issues in real time. At the end of the alignment process participants have a clear understanding of what it takes to work as a High-Performance Team (HPT). Participants will leave with,

Clear goals and agreement on business priorities

Commitment to “winning” for the business over self-interest

Defined protocols for decision-making

Personal and team sense of ownership/accountability

Agreed upon conflict resolution process

Depersonalized feedback methodology

Professional Coaching 

PSG Life Sciences provides customized coaching programs to meet the performance goals of the organization and individual. Our coaches have extensive experience working as and with Sales, Marketing and Business Development professionals selling into the life sciences space, so we know firsthand the dynamics of the industry. Leverage our business experience and industry knowledge work with participants in real-time to make incremental and sustainable performance improvements. We provide,

An objective sounding board for participants

An unbiased messenger for feedback from the organization

Best practices related to the industry, the persons role, goals and coaching objectives

Support, encourage, and, when necessary, confront

A proven method to implement positive incremental and observable workplace behavior

“Bench to Business”  Coaching

PSG Life Sciences has created the first Personal Performance Coaching program designed specifically to help technical professional make a successful transition into the business world. We have seen firsthand, smart and talented scientists struggle to be high performance business professionals. With that we have develop our “Bench to Business” coaching program that works with  the individual and enterprise to accelerate their transition efforts. Those who can benefit include but limited to scientists and technical professionals that are,

Field Application Specialists

Field and Inside Sales Representatives

Technical Pre-Sales

Project Managers and Customer Service

First time team leaders, supervisors and/or managers

High Potential Employees

Contact us today for a no obligation assessment of how we can help your organization meet your immediate and long term strategic and sales  revenue goals.  Many of our performance and coaching services include risk based fees. PSG Life Sciences works as your partner to share the risks and rewards.