PSG Life Sciences Research Tools and Reagents – Products and Services

PSG Life Sciences has deep expertise and experience in creating and executing go-to-market strategies for life science research tool and reagent companies. We have a proven track record delivering top line revenue growth in this competitive and dynamic market segment.

PSG Life Science delivers proven solutions for those seeking to maximize their return on investment. Our integrated approach addresses all aspects of sales revenue performance – Strategy, People, Process, Technology and Execution. Using our proprietary methodology, we assess, design and work with our clients to execute winning strategies and tactical plans to drive revenue.

PSG’s experience includes,

Genomics Technologies – Products and Services: PCR, qPCR, Sequencing, microarrays, molecular biology tools;

Proteomics Technologies – Products and Services: Antibodies, ELISA, protein production, western blots and protein microarrays;

Cell Biology Technologies – Products and Services: discovery services, microscopy, basic cell biology reagents, flow cytometry, transfection and electroporation, media and sera, cell culture equipment, cells and tissues, whole cell analysis, high content imaging;

Analytical technologies – Products and Services: liquid chromatography, mass spectroscopy, structural analysis methods, in vivo study, spectroscopy, multiplex technologies, label free technologies;

Supplies and Technologies – Products and Services: lab supplies and disposables, automation, glassware, sample preparation, LIMS, magnetic beads;

Information Technologies – Products and Services: procurement platforms, ERP, CRM, lab notebook, bioinformatics, pharmacovigilance, system integrators

Contact us today for a no obligation assessment of how we can help your organization meet your immediate and long term strategic and sales revenue goals. Many of our performance and coaching services include risk based fees. PSG Life Sciences works as your partner to share the risks and rewards.