For Life Science Investors

With PSG Life Sciences deep experience and proven track record of success in Life Sciences sales, marketing and business development ensures that private equity and venture capital clients create and execute strategies and tactical plans to accelerate strategic and topline growth.

PSG Life Sciences provides private equity and venture capital firms a full range of solutions from market assessment, due diligence to post-acquisition optimization to drive revenue growth and market share.

PSG Life Sciences solutions include:

  • Organizational Assessment – Pre and Post Investment
    • Is the organization aligned and what are the gaps that need to be addressed to get everyone on the same page and moving in the right direction?
      • Strategy
      • People
      • Process
      • Technology
      • Execution
  • Strategy – Facilitation and Creation
    • PSG Life Sciences uses a proven framework to assess, create and implement winning marketing, sales and business development strategies. The “Four A” process includes critical building blocks to create winning and realistic strategies and tactical plans.
      • Alignment – A clearly articulated strategic intent can energize your organization around an ambitious vision of the future. Interestingly, evidence suggests that it often inspires the organization to set off toward a goal that, at the time, they may not be fully capable of achieving.
      • Architecture – The infrastructure design, processes, systems and controls directly shape behavior and performance. Are the go-to-market plan and sales processes clearly documented and communicated? Does the organizational structure support the enterprise strategy and market facing personnel?
      • Ability – In today’s competitive and tight labor market requires that organizations must build effective leadership teams, invest in attracting, retaining and developing a pipeline of key talent and improving collaborative capability across the organization. The biopharma sales and BD market are at zero unemployment making the investment in people is the most critical pillar in strategic execution.
      • Agility – To win in today’s dynamic life sciences landscape requires long-term execution capability, short-term agility, innovation and organizational learning. This discontinuous market demands that organizations stay ahead of changing market conditions and raise effective defensive and offensive action. Successful organizations keep focused and aligned on the longer-term growth strategy while effectively reacting and capitalizing on short term market opportunities and challenges.
  • Planning – Enterprise, Territory and Key Accounts– PSG Life Sciences utilizes our proprietary and proven “Revenue Road Map” that identifies the type and the number of presales and sales activities required to meet your revenue and strategic goals
    • Working with our clients we design detailed plans with metrics, timelines and accountabilities/responsibilities
  • Execution – High Performance Revenue Generation Teams – PSG has a proven process to create “High Performance Revenue Generation Teams”
    • Marketing, Sales and Business Development efforts benefit from a culture that ensures that team members are aligned and working efficiently and effectively
  • Interim Management and Resources – PSG Life Sciences can provide experienced and proven resources to accelerate revenue
    • Our team includes seasoned advanced degreed professionals in science, finance, operations, marketing, sales and business development

Contact us today for a no obligation assessment of how we can help your organization meet your immediate and long term strategic and sales revenue goals. Many of our performance and coaching services include risk based fees. PSG Life Sciences works as your partner to share the risks and rewards.